Friday, November 9, 2012

Kasadela has been devastated by Sandy!

Sorry for closing for a long time..

 As many of our fans know we've sustained about 70% worth of damage.Damages include: sewage all over the entire basement, inventory destroyed such as rice, flour, rice vinegar, oil, meats, fish, chicken, ice cream, vegetables, soy sauce and sauces etc., beer, sake, soda, juice, napkins, towels, toilet paper, plates, pans, pots, glasses, utensils, broken kitchen appliances, two freezers, a refrigerator, the gas line is malfunctioning effecting the stove, fryer, broiler, and grill, the dinging room's warped wood floor, brand new delivery bike, old delivery bike, soiled clothes, soiled furniture, records and paperwork, computer, fax machine, printer/scanner, the list is endless seriously; we had a pretty big basement so we kept pretty much everything down there.
 It is mind boggling to write this we have no idea what to do with ourselves. Our goal of $50,000 is to clean  and sanitize the premises, adequately replace inventory, repair appliances worth salvaging replace those unworthy, renovate the floor, and return most things back to normal at least enough to get back on our feet. . We love to do what it that we do and if there was any way we could fry or cook a wing in that space and serve someone- we would! A temporary absence but we will continue to put forth our best efforts to re-open but have faced several challenges and a lack of support from our Insurance co. We were reluctant to use this website, but friends&fans insisted that we accept their support now more than ever instead of relying on the system. 
Thank you for your continued support since 2003 without you we could not have survived and with you, we shall again!!!!!!


Kasadela Family