Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Season is here: "Hiyaoroshi"
Meaning the Fall/Winter temperature has set in and we are featuring two
very special sake right now.

On the left: Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi, a Tokubetsu Junmai Nama (draft) sake from the Miyagi prefecture.
In the middle: Taiten Shiragiku, a Honjozo Genshu from Okayama. %19 killer!
On the right: Sawanoi Hiyaoroshi , a Junmai Nama (draft) sake from Tokyo.

Draft sake are celebrated for being both fresh and smooth. These particular Hiyaoroshi sake are quite unique. The Urakasumi is refreshingly fruity (but not sweet) ending with a delicate texture; best enjoyed as an aperitif. Sawanoi is very different from anything on our menu; it is the first sake from Tokyo that Kasadela has featured. This namasake is quite savory making it easy to drink, accompanied with an aroma that hints of brown sugar matched with a mild texture.

Kasadela files: 1.2

P.S. Kasadela's Tebasaki wings are now flying to you. Call us for delivery


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