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June 6th 2012

Sawa no Tsuru
The name ‘SAWANOTSURU’literally means ‘crane of the swamp’. The origin of the name comes from Japanese mythology.
~Once upon a time, a deity(倭姫命) found a crane crying and holding a sheaf of rice in its beak at the swamp near Ise shrine.(伊勢神宮)
She was moved because even a crane would offer rice to the shrine. She ordered another deity(伊佐波登美神) to brew sake from the rice and offer it to the god of the shrine.  Afterwards, she cherished the crane as the god of food.(大歳神)~
In Japanese, swamp=SAWA(沢)which has a good image like an oasis that provides animals and plants with an enough water and sunlight.

We hope our sake can also enrich man's life like the swamp.

Genshu Night

Have you ever enjoyed sake on the rocks??
Sake contains only rice (as you know), yeast and water, so sake 
straight from the barrel, or undiluted sake- "Genshu", has stronger alcohol content than regular sake-Seishu.

 6/6(wed) kasadela will only serve
This genshu will give you rich sweetness from the rice and freshness when well chilled; also a great match with our izakaya plates:)

Sake Raffle!!!!
A lil' fun time from the brewer
 With every purchase comes a chance to win another round free!!

  Sawa no Tsuru from Kobe
Tojisan Kikuji Deguchi

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