Thursday, July 16, 2009

How is your summer?
When you feel like having sake & a good snack or two, come to kasadela!!
Summer Season sake will be available soon.

'Kasadela's chicken wings have been loved for a long time.
We really enjoy the feedback & are always happy to serve:)

Chicken wings have always been a favorite
in Nagoya, capitol of Aichi-prefecture.
"Tebasaki" wings come from there, as well as 'nasu dengaku', 'akadashi miso' etc...

Nagoya people always use 'akadashi' which uses red bean to make miso.
Usually miso soup is made with white miso, but "Akadashi" or red bean miso has richer flavor.

sooo goood~

kimpira,made with Japanese burdock root, sweet&spicy, good combination!!!


Kasadela will start 'Genki dinner time!!"

might look like this...



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